We invite you to excursions around Staraya Russa in English or German language!
on request
5 hours
less than 10 PPL - 7500 RUB.
more than 10 PPL - 10000 RUB
individual tourists
group up to 40 people
Professional tour guides with knowledge of the English and German languages work both with individual tourists and with groups to 40 persons. A route can be corrected according to all wishes of guests. Excursions pass in comfortable for tourists time. Moving en-route can come true both on the transport of a customer and on our transport (for an additional pay).
Excursion program
1 hour
Tour to «Staraya Russa mineral water»

Together with the local historian, guests will walk through the oldest in Central Russia balneological resort with its mineral springs, relict Park and Muravyovskiy fountain – the largest in Europe self-exuding column of mineral water, which throws to the surface about 70 liters of water in a second.
On request, you can taste the Staraya Russia mineral water in the Drinking gallery.
1 hour
Excursion to a museum «Museum Manor of medieval citizen of Staraya Russa»
To feel the atmosphere of the Old Russian city and the way of life of old Russians guests will be able to dip in this unique museum-reconstruction, created on the basis of results of archaeological researches. Mansions with entrance hall, old Russian sauna, wooden roadway, cooling tower and unique operating saltpan, where, as well as in middle Ages, from water of mineral springs the real salt is evaporated.
2 hours
Sightseeing tour of Staraya Russa
The resort city, known to Russian aristocrats since the XIX century, the city of salt, the city of Dostoevsky – all this is Staraya Russa with its amazing air saturated with mineral salts, with cozy streets, ancient temples and the largest portable icon in the world. The tour includes a tour of the historical part of the city, monuments of Russian architecture, key attractions and unique places of Staraya Russa. Guests will get acquainted with the history of one of the oldest cities in Russia and see:

  • Cathedral square (until the XX century Trade square), which housed the shopping arcade of Gostiny Dvor, fairs were held;
  • Water tower, built in 1908-1909 in the style of «Modern», after the Grand opening of which water supply appeared in the city;
  • The Cathedral of Resurrection of the XVII century, built on a steep hill at the confluence of the two rivers by the outstanding Russian architect Vasily Stasov - a symbol of beauty and Holiness, spiritual greatness, «business card» of the city;
  • The promenade named after Dostoevsky – nice green promenade along the banks of the Pererytitsa river. It is an ideal place for leisurely walks. Here Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky loved to walk;
  • Church of St. George (XV century) – the only temple in the city where more than 600 years services do not stop. The wooden interior gives it a unique identity. His parishioner was F.M. Dostoevsky;
  • Miraculous icon of the old Russian Mother of God (list) – the main Shrine of Staraya Russa, the largest portable icon in the world with an amazing history;
  • The Saviour-and-Transfiguration monastery – the oldest monument of Russian architecture, founded in 1192, one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in the Novgorod land.
1 hour
Excursion to any of the museums of Staraya Russa

The tour is conducted by the Museum staff under the translation of our guide:

  • In the House-Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky, where the interior items of the XIX century are restored and the original things of the Dostoevsky family are stored. It was here, in a small office on the second floor, that the novel «The Karamazov Brothers» was written;
  • In the Museum of the novel «The Karamazov Brothers», the exposition of which tells you about the environment of F. M. Dostoevsky, the social life of Staraya Russa of the 70s of the XIX century, about the plan, plot and ideological content of the last work of the writer (after all, it was Staraya Russa and its inhabitants who inspired the writer to create the novel and was the prototype of the fictional city and the characters that inhabited it);
  • In the local History Museum, which holds a collection of unique archaeological finds, which allowed to date the emergence of the city and get an idea of many areas of life of ancient «rushans» ( so since ancient times the inhabitants of Staraya Russa called themselves);
  • In the Art gallery, which presents the works of artists born in Staraya Russa or in its surroundings, and the basis of the exhibition is a collection of amazing works by Vasily Semyonovich Svarog;
  • In the Museum of the North-Western front-the only front-line Museum in Russia, which presents weapons, maps, charts, archival documents, personal belongings of soldiers. Here guests will learn about many severe tests fell on the share of Staraya Russa and its inhabitants during the great Patriotic war.
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